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About the App

Pregnant – Day by Day is an app for pregnant women and future parents. The app is characterised by its aesthetics and that it is simple to use. During the daily and weekly texts, focus is not only on

medical facts but also the emotional needs of the future parents is emphasised. The app offers countless functions such as daily and weekly text about the progress of your pregnancy and your baby,

ultrasound recordings in pictures and video, a size guide and much more. Our app provides you with much useful information, tips, and impressions – regularly in every week of the pregnancy.

The app’s features

Free test version

Test the app for free during the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy and see if you like it.

Progress of the pregnancy

In our app, you can find detailed daily and weekly texts on nutrition, health, and the development of your body and your baby.

Size guide

Take a look at our size guide for a comparison of the current weight and size of your baby.


Search funtion

We have a search function which allows you to find more information about a topic in all of the app’s texts.

Upload your own pictures

Upload your own pictures in the app and develop your own short movie.

Save your contact information

With our app, you can save the most important contact information. This way, you always have the contact information for your hospital and midwife at hand.

We make your pregnancy simpler


Stay informed

You can decide whether you wish to receive information on your personal development and your baby’s development on a weekly or daily basis. You are always kept up-to-date and reminded of what is it important in your current stage of the pregnancy.

Immersive information

We have developed our wiki in co-operation with professional midwifes to ensure that you are always provided with tips and advice on what to do to stay healthy and in shape, and what you can do to make sure that your baby has the best conditions for its necessary development.

A wonderful development

Follow the wonderful development of your baby with this interactive app, which shows the development using beautiful ultrasound recordings in 2D and 3D. The background changes concurrently with your pregnancy so you can always see how large your baby has already become.

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Download our app, Pregnant – Day by Day, today and try the app for free during the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy.

The app, Pregnant – Day by Day, is compatible with iOS

This app is developed for iPhone and iPad as well as for Apple Watch.


A visual journey
A pregnancy is a wonderful and enjoyable journey, an experience filled with joy and expectations. We have tried to meet this feelings with our beautiful and detailed ultrasound pictures and videos in 2D and 3D, which follow the progress of your pregnancy.


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Pregnant – Day by Day is developed in co-operation with our users and midwifes. We ensure to provide the best possible service through excellent guidance and creative inputs that match your needs.

If you find an error or you have a great idea as to how we can improve Pregnant – Day by Day, do not hesitate to write us. Send us an email using the form on the right, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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